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Vinylicious! The Monday Night Hangover 22

Are you a perv for long players? Do you love it scratchy? What about ink? Do you go for coloured vinyl, or regular slinky black?

If you can answer any of these questions, then you’re clearly a fetishist for the new fad – vinyl recordings that come in gatefold sleeves with yummy pics and dubious inserts.


Music fans have been mad for it ever since Sgt Pepper taught the band to play, collecting records and filing them into labyrinthine libraries where they sit, to this day, collecting dust.

Not quite.

The Monday Night Hangover 22 delves into the current surge of interest in vinyl and its rebirth as an alternative to the ephemerality of mp3s and the consignment to history of the CD.

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We listen to blasts from the glorious past when vinyl was something that covered cheap furniture, and play recent and newly released music that flies the flag for ‘proper’ records.

Get your ears attenuated and see if you can tell the difference between The Monday Night Hangover, and ordinary detergent. We can assure you that after you’ve heard our erudition and our expert choice of music you’ll agree that other radio shows are just toothpaste.

We’ll be featuring, among others, The Beach Boys, Chris Stapleton, Joni Mitchell, David Starr, The Byrds, Fleetwood Mac and Frightened Rabbit.

Listen out too for the music quiz in the middle that spins around our mystery disc. Forgotten Gem or Best Forgotten? You decide!

The Monday Night Hangover 22 (Vinyl) with Gavin ‘Jeebo’ Brady and Mike Clark was first broadcast on 29.5.17 at 20.00 BST on 1320Radio.

Now available on Mixcloud

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