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1320RADIO UNVEILS THE ‘Quick Quick Jazz’ Pilot Show

Quick, Quick Jazz brings you great jazz music, just the way you want it. Only Quicker!

First up, our intro music is totally twentieth century. It’s Clyde McCoy’s Sugar Blues and it’s still an ear–grabber after all these years. But time’s a-wastin’ when there’s more jingle than jangle, and way too much chit-chat.

We get down to right away with a playlist that has more twists and turns than a Highland B-Road. All this plus some absorbing sound bites from trombonist Michael Owers (SNJO, Brass Jaw, Rachel Newton Band, Young Pilgrims), and top picks from his band Questio Io.

Apple Honey: The Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra

Kissing Bug: Alison Burns

Steve Gadd’s Dad Part 2: Questio IO

Your Grief : Tord Gustavsen (piano), Simin Tander (vocals) Jarle Vespestad (drums)

Quicksand Part 2 : Square One

Let’s Get It Together: QUESTIO IO

Isn’t This A Lovely Day?: Brian Kellock

Lullaby for Art : Champian Fulton

Souvenir de Villingen: Tim Kliphuis

The Downtown Lights: Kevin McKenzie and Steve Hamilton

If you want to hear more fabulous jazz music, then keep a look out for more episodes of Quick Quick Jazz. We like Grooves, Moves, Straight-ahead, Swing and Bop. We dig up treasures from the past, present modern classics and predict the future with next generation jazz.

Quick, Quick Jazz. Great Jazz for you, right here, right now.

Quick Quick Jazz is a 1320Radio production made especially for community radio and European partner stations broadcasting over the internet.

For sponsorship opportunities with Quick Quick Jazz, or to find out more about 1320Radio productions, please email contact@1320radio.com

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