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The Monday Night Hangover 20 – ‘Decisions’ 9.1.2017 @ 20.00 GMT

A radio show can be a bit like a confectioners, there’s just so much to choose from and deciding which tracks to play can be onerous. That’s why it’s like being a kid in a sweetshop, and if you’ve ever sweated over four liquorice chews for a penny then you’ll know what we mean.

The frustrations of decision making have inspired songwriters for decades from the pain of the ménage a trois to deciding whether to get up in the morning or not. Mostly, they seem concerned with the dilemma of being stuck between two unpalatable choices.

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When it comes to music there so many good choices to make it seems strange that other stations still seem able to make so many dreadful errors. One mis-step is the sin of omission and The Monday Night Hangover has often sought to rectify that.

This time around our end of year picks feature many established artists and personal favourites, but there is still room for the undiscovered gem. That’s why you’ll find Samantha Whates, John Moreland, Kim Mitchell and Anne Sumner and snuggling alongside Jackson Browne, The Stereophonics, Sam Cooke, David Bowie, Paul Weller and the Clash.

Should you listen? Would you listen? Is this an offer you can’t refuse? Of course you can’t. It’s what makes you that kid in that sweetshop.


The Monday Night Hangover 20 – ‘Decisions’ 9th January 2017 @ 20.00 GMT. Repeated 14th/15th January 2017 at 13.00

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