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QUICK QUICK QUICK JAZZ featuring special guest Champian Fulton

We bring you great jazz from the past, intriguing jazz from the present and future jazz from rising stars. We get it to you quickly with a little bit of informative chat and much more music.

We also ask jazz artists to contribute some thoughts about making music and we are pleased to include a few words from the very popular pianist and vocalist Champian Fulton. She’ll be sharing her best and worst experiences in jazz, and her earliest jazz memories.

The show will also spotlight tracks from Champian’s  live recording with respected tenor sax man Scott Hamilton. Things We Did Last Summer caught Champian on sparkling form in a quartet with Scott that also included Ignasi Gonzalez on bass and Esteve Pi on drums.


Quick Quick Jazz serves hot jazz fast and delivers cool jazz quickly with twelve outstanding tracks crammed into an hour long show.

The outlook is international, eclectic and inclusive. On Quick Quick Jazz you’ll hear the amazing artists who shaped jazz alongside those currently taking this wonderful art form forward into a very bright future.

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  1. Konrad Wisniewski – Feel (from the album Illuminate)
  1. John Coltrane – Like Someone in Love (from the album Lush Life)

Champian Fulton talks about her love of jazz and her thoughts about the CD, Vinyl debate…

  1. Champian Fulton and Scott Hamilton – The Very Thought of You (from the live album The Things we Did Last Summer)
  1. Håkon Kornstad – Oslo (from the album Dwell Time)
  2. Arild Andersen, Paolo Vinaccia and Tommy Smith – Mira (from The album Mira)
  1. Nina Simone – I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel

Champian Fulton relates the worst experienceof her jazz career with characteristic great humour and good grace!

  1. Champian Fulton Scott Hamilton – The Things We Did Last Summer (from the live album The Things we Did Last Summer)
  1. New Focus – Destination Unknown (from the album On Song)
  1. Josienne Clarke and Kit Downes – Beyond the Green (from the EP Such A Sky)
  2. Stacey Kent – The Ice Hotel (from the album Breakfast on the  Morning Tram) 

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  1. Omar Sosa & Paolo Fresu – Zeus’ Desires (from the album Eros)
  1. Laura Nyro – Walk On By (from the album Angel in the Dark)

We’d like to thank Champian Fulton for graciously contributing voice audio to this episode of Quick Quick Jazz. For more information about Champian Fulton please visit www.champian.net

If you want to hear more fabulous jazz music, then keep a look out for more episodes of Quick Quick Jazz. We like Grooves, Moves, Straight-ahead, Swing and Bop. We dig up treasures from the past, present modern classics and predict the future with next generation jazz.

Quick, Quick Jazz. Great Jazz for you, right here, right now.

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