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In Through The Out Door – The Monday Night Hangover 17 – ‘Europe’ 16.5.16 @20.00 GMT

Guten Abend! Bon Soir and Buona Sera Mrs. Campbell! It’s The Monday Night Hangover 17, and the theme this time around is EUROPE! This will be marvellous news for music lovers in search of comfort in the wake of The Song Contest That Cannot Be Named. We play music that reaches into your soul where eurobangers do not dare to go.

The show airs on Monday 15th May 2016 @ 20.00GMT and we are breathlessly proud to feature among others Blue Rose Code (sigh), CHAPS choir with Samantha Whates (swoon), Laura Marling (aah), Joni Mitchell (oooh) and a marvellous new name for us, Shelita Burke (roll drums, wave flags).


The Monday Night Hangover is probably the only show on planet earth (never mind Europe) that is courageous enough to place Manu Chao check by jowl with Montserrat Caballé, and contrast the sublime June Tabor with those crazy Swedes, The Willy Clay Band. We are also stupid enough to conduct a geography quiz on air and get the easy ones wrong.

So, beat the ‘Brexit Blues’ and get over the enema for your ears that is Eurovision by joining us as we travel through an imaginary landscape of Europe, where vocoders are verboten, singers produce actual melodies and musicians wear appropriate clothing.

The Monday Night Hangover 17 with Gavin ‘Jeebo’ Brady and Mike Clark – ‘Europe’ airs 16.5.16 @ 20.00 GMT and again on 17th, 18th & 19th between 03.00 and 04.15 GMT, with another chance to listen on Sat/Sun 21st and 22nd May at 10.00 GMT.


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