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Hey You Guys! Turn Off the TV..It’s The Monday Night Hangover 11!

You know him….you know you know him! Our special guest Gavin McGinty, of all-routes outfit Sinderins, shares his current listening choices plus a sneak preview track from the band’s new album.

Regular hosts of “The Hangover”, Gavin ‘Jeebo’ Brady and Mike Clark, are joined by a man who, as one-fifth of Sinderins, contributes generously to Scotland’s most diverse mix of musical personalities. The five-piece folk-inspired, soul-minded and rock-solid band who hail proudly from Bonnie Dundee, have been busy recording new songs that mark a new beginning and new directions. Fans have waited quite a while to hear the results, and early indications are that they won’t be disappointed.


Gavin stopped by to talk about a new approach to their collective creativity that suggests greater discipline, yet preserves the unfettered free expression that won them such a large following. We also got to include a sneak preview track that clearly demonstrates the added polish that’s been applied to the boots ‘n’ braces work ethic that brought the admiration of many.

If it all sounds a bit ‘deep’, then do not fash yourself! Gavin McGinty, a Bachelor of Banter-ology, finds himself worryingly on our wavelength when it comes to irreverent chat about high art and forensic analysis of the utterly trivial. Nevertheless, his music selections are utterly sublime and feature things that you will struggle to hear anywhere else other than right here on 1320Radio.

The Monday Night Hangover 11 with Gavin ‘Jeebo’ Brady & Mike Clark, with their most welcome guest Gavin McGinty (Sinderins) 20.7.2015 at 20.00 BST and repeated 23.7.15 at 20.00 BST. Alternative slots for listeners overseas are: 22/24/26.7.2105 at 01.00 BST

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