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Guilty of the Crime! The Monday Night Hangover 14 ‘Guilty Pleasures’

It wasn’t us! We weren’t there! A big boy left the playlist and ran away. Okay, don’t judge us too harshly, for picking the tunes that really belong behind a locked door, or maybe even in a strongbox inside a padded cell.

Like the bootleggers, the panhandlers and the snake oil salesmen before us, we’re just trying to bring a little affordable luxury into your lives with a mind-bending selection of tunes that, despite ourselves, have a special place in our hearts.


So, join us for The Monday Night Hangover 14 ‘Guilty Pleasures’ and an exotic concoction of dubious provenance featuring, among others, Peter Frampton, Humble Pie, The Killers, Donovan, Twin Atlantic and, closing out the show… “He Who Cannot Be Named”….

We’ll also be featuring without any guilt at all the very fine music of our good friends The Wellgreen, Stu Kidd and Phil Lee, plus our own particularly fine brand of pointless and barely intelligible banter.

The Monday Night Hangover 14 goes out on 23.11.15 at 20.00 GMT and is repeated 25/26.11.15 at 04.00 GMT and again on the weekend of 28/29.11.15 at 20.00 GMT. The show will subsequently be available on Mixcloud for listening at leisure.


BY THE WAY… we always want to hear from listeners about the songs they’d like us to feature, especially tunes from the young, the emergent and the overlooked. Get in touch via social media, or drop us an email.

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