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Fair’s Fayre – Sinderins’ Sound of Summer Foretold

They’ve been called troubadours, they’ve been called storytellers. To some they are local heroes, to others they are just local lads. One thing is for sure, Sinderins can sing, they can play, and they can spin a good yarn.

Fayre is a new song for bonny May days, and it has all the bucolic charm of a summer afternoon at the local gala. It’s good-natured, joyful curtain-raiser for the festival season ahead, and insistently optimistic for such dismaying times as these.

Sinderins hail from Dundee, a city with the feel of a small town and a careworn beauty that can still surprise its inhabitants almost as much as its startled visitors. It’s a place where folk like to see the best in people, even though we all make it hard for each other sometimes.

If there is one thing that binds the disparate songsmiths of Sinderins together then it’s their individual and collective ability to encapsulate such sentiments in music and lyrics. A previous incarnation of the band played very much to the gallery in that respect, but always with a wide-eyed charm and a nod and a wink to the wise.


Somewhat in contrast, Fayre is almost defiantly romantic in its depiction of love at first sight, and the alchemic melody blends baroque English folk with equally baroque BronYAur Stomp.

Dave Webster emphatically takes the lead vocal on a teaser track/single release ahead of a much anticipated album, and he moves boldly through the fair in search of his living heart’s desire, rather than an Irish ghost. In fact, his astonishing range takes the song almost beyond the limits of human hearing, so there may yet be something magical in his method.

The rhythmic changes and vocal gymnastics will make you dizzy, and there is much in the way of busy musical detail. Perhaps more importantly, this is a song built for the great outdoors, and Sinderins are already shaping up as the band to reclaim the festival experience on behalf of music fans who still dare to dream of music on a summer’s day. There’s nothing funny about peace, love and understanding; but a day at the Fayre ought to tell you that it’s sure to put a smile on your face.



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