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1320Radio Recommends..The Blue Lenas

Did you ever wake up with them bullfrogs on your mind? If you did then you’ll probably hear everything that was good about analogue blues-rock in The Blue Lenas.

This slick, new Glasgow power trio clearly have multiple degrees in British rock’s rich history including (but not limited to), Free circa Tons of Sobs, Rory Gallagher‘s impeccable Taste and the fondly remembered Savoy Brown. They seem also to understand the value of living in the moment for they’ve produced a superb wee EP recorded in a single day, and crackling with gutsy energy.

Jamie Reilly on guitar cuts a Danny Kirwan-esque dash with an improbable range of licks n tricks that have the ring of retro-authenticity date-stamped with contemporary individual flair. Scott Beaton’s looping, loping bass lines are attractive and Jordan Kelly’s playing on drums brings a lighter touch to back-beats that are usually the preserve of tub-thumping gorillas.

There is much more going on in the Blue Lena’s campsite than simply pegging out old clothes to flutter in the breezy wind of nostalgia. They have itchy feet and fingers, with quickfire changes of tempo and adrenalized arrangements. Scott Beaton’s vocals are on the punky side of rock rather than the testosterone-driven roaring of yesteryear, but collectively they seem capable of suprisingly warm harmonies.

Standout tracks are the opener Violet Skies and Wake Up but watch out for the idiosyncratic medley Fresh Out Of Thin Air/ 7/8 for the shape of more filled-out things to come perhaps.



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